Westford Friends of East Boston Camps

Working to preserve Westford's natural treasure & continue the camping tradition at East Boston Camps

Our Mission

Westford Friends of East Boston Camps was established in 2007, as a nonprofit organization with the mission of supporting the conservation, maintenance and improvement of the historic East Boston Camps property for environmental, outdoor recreational and educational purposes.

With the help and support of local organizations and businesses, we provide funds and assistance to support outdoor recreational and camping opportunities to both local and inner city children and families.

At this time, the most urgent need at East Boston Camps is for bathroom and sanitary facilities that meet the local building codes. The old bathhouse was condemned and demolished last year, and the lack of bathroom facilities is a huge obstacle for current and new programs at the camps. We are committed to rebuilding a bathhouse that will benefit everyone who comes to East Boston Camps. Read more about this critical project.

Recent Accomplishments

The Westford Friends of EBC, with the help and support of local scouting organizations, contractors, volunteer residents and school community service projects, have addressed many of the needs of the camp and its grounds:

  • Plans for improvements to the infirmary were presented to the Conservation Commission and the project was approved in April 2018
  • New bathhouse was completed and opened in 2017. Over 250K was raised by the Friends of EBC for this critical project
  • Renovations to the inside of the duplex are complete
  • Kitchen, dining and health facilities have been improved to meet building and health code standards
  • New roof installed for the kitchen and dining hall
  • Handicapped ramps installed on the dining hall and nurses cabin
  • Restroom in the dining hall updated
  • New bunk beds in sleeping cabins
  • Refaced the basketball court
  • Built 2 new fire pits
  • Installed new benches at the boys and girls beaches
  • Replenished sand at the boys beach
  • Painted nurses cabin, cooks cabin, George's Workshop and some sleeping cabins
  • Provided handicapped ramp to a sleeping cabin
  • Installed new benches at the day beach
  • Added new picnic tables and trash bins at the day beach
  • Contributed to the renovation and painting of the duplex
  • Installed new gate on the main road

Our Goals

  • Preserving the scenic beauty and natural resources of 300 acres of conservation land
  • Restoring the historic camp buildings
  • Bringing back the tradition of overnight camping
  • Providing support for the inclusion of inner city children in camping programs
  • Supporting events to promote community awareness and appreciation


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