Dear Friends of East Boston Camps,

It is with much sadness and regret, but also a nod to reality, that the board of the Westford Friends of East Boston Camps has voted unanimously to disband the organization.  As  you know, the Friends is solely a fund-raising non-profit, with no control or responsibility for the camps.  Care and custody resides with the Westford Conservation Commission.

Over the years, it has become increasingly difficult to raise funds:  paid membership is down, community sponsorships are far fewer and smaller than in the past and fund-raising events have not been successful enough to merit the efforts required.  Also, we note that most of the camp improvements we set out to achieve have been accomplished and we are now clearly in a state of diminishing returns.

Members and supporters of the Friends can nonetheless be proud of what we have accomplished since our inception in 2007.   We have raised well over half a million dollars and used the funds for many improvements, including major renovations to the dining hall, the nurse’s cabin and the Director’s cabin, building a brand new ADA-compliant bathhouse and completing most of the work to renew Nashoba Lodge.   In addition, we have sponsored the annual free Fall BBQ (attended by more than 800 people) and many other community events.  The remainder of our funds (over $50,000), will be transferred to the Conservation Commission to finish renovation of Nashoba Lodge, including repairing the fireplace, the chimney and a leak in the roof.

The board extends its thanks to the founders of the Friends, to those who served on past boards, to our community sponsors and especially to the many Westford residents who have been generous supporters over the years.  East Boston Camps (within the Stony Brook Conservation Land) will always remain a true treasure of Westford.