• Tents in the camp

About The Camps

East Boston Camps is 286 acres of pristine conservation land located within the Stony Brook Conservation Land in the heart of Westford.   It includes the 25-acre Burges Pond, thirty original camp buildings and miles of walking trails with beautiful views.

Care of the Camps

The Westford Friends of EBC have been entrusted with raising funds and advocating for the protection and improvement of the Camps.

The Westford Conservation Commission has been entrusted with the care and custody of the overall property, and manages the use of the Camps.

The Westford Conservation Trust helps to maintain the trails in EBC.  For more information see: https://westfordconservationtrust.org/

Use of The Camps

The Camps are open to the public from sunrise to sunset.

  • Scouts and other organizations spend overnights camping “in the wild”
  • Westford fifth graders spend a week enjoying day camp (and the zip line!)
  • The Westford Recreation Department runs a summer day camp on the property
  • Happy couples celebrate their weddings and families enjoy reunions
  • Many runners and walkers and dogs enjoy the trails that wind through and around the Camps

Renting The Camps

EBC campsite facilities can be rented by individuals and groups on weekends during the spring and fall seasons. The facilities are available to both residents and nonresidents, and include a kitchen, dining hall, and recreation hall, as well as cabins, bath houses, and fire pits.

Westford Parks & Recreation, collaboration and cooperation with the Westford Conservation Commission, handles the entire rental process for the EBC campsite facilities, from scheduling and issuing permits to the collection of fees.

A signage of the camps